BIR Relief 2.2 default username and password

Post date: Dec 13, 2017 2:50:01 AM

SInce there are far too many times people forgot username and passwords for certain applications, its better to know how to recover/remove the old credentials. For BIR Relief 2.2, it's quite easy.

    1. On the desktop, right click the shortcut for BIR Relief 2.2, then click Properties.
    2. On the shortcut tab, click "Open File Location". It will open the folder where the BIR Relief program is installed.
    3. There will be a "data" folder there, open it, then look for the following files :
      1. uspalog.cdx
      2. uspalog.dbf
    4. Delete those files (only those two!)
    5. When you open again the BIR relief shortcut, you can use any username/password you like (please remember it this time or write it somewhere.