GOMO SIM Card Review

Post date: Jan 26, 2021 5:03:05 AM

GOMO packaging

GOMO is Globe (yes, that Globe) pretending to be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, but in reality it is just a

Rebrand with lots of features. When it comes signal strength, its the same with Globe (since its the same network). But when it comes to mobile data speed, there is some variations, will get into that later, for now. lets go with the registration.

SIM Sourcing :

The sim card can easily be purchased directly from Lazada, Shoppee or from GOMO.ph site itself. Its 300php for the SIM card with 25GB data (at the time of this posting, might change in the future). Then you wait 2 days to 2 weeks depending on where you are located (its 2 days for me, here in Binan, Laguna).

Registration :

First, you need to download the GOMO app either from the Google Play Store (for most Android Phones), Apple App Store (for iPhones) or AppGallery (for Huawei phones without the Google Play Store). Make sure that the SIM card (which is a tri-cut SIM) is inserted on the same phone where the application is going to be installed.

1. Launch the app and fill up the details :

registration form

2. Make sure to set a memorable PIN or save it somewhere (Google Keep or any other notes taking app).

setting up a pin

3. Success!


4. You will be greeted by this screen reminding you of your 25 gb data (again)

yey? more reminders

5. On this screen, you can see your data (or text / call, if you availed it) availability.

thats a lot of data!

6. You can now use your data allocation!

Connection Speed!

As I have said earlier, GOMO is basically Globe with better data caps and speed limits (more on that later) and you can see it below from the various areas that I have tested its speed in comparison to Globe.

Phone on the left is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with Globe Postpaid line and the phone on the right is a OPPO CPH2083 with the GOMO SIM.

LISP I, Cabuyao, Laguna

LISP Cabuyao area

Binan Market, Binan, Laguna

Binan, Laguna

Cabuyao SLEX

Cabuyao again

Rates / Limitations :

They are good, really good.

for 300php, you get 25GB that NEVER expires (until they change their minds), its currently unbeatable for mobile data rates.

25 GB or 25,000 MB = 300PHP

OR 83MB = 1 PHP

Lets convert! :


using 83MB = 1 PHP,

0.2gb / 200mb / 30 text = 2.4php

0.5gb / 500mb / 50 text + 5mins calls to all network = 6php

0.4gb / 400mb / 6mins of calls = 4.8php

Its extremely cheap! Again, its unbeatable at the current market. BUT there's a small quirk, you cant call / text without conversion first, so there's a slight hassle, especially if you ran out of text credits and located at an area with bad mobile data, converting will be problematic.

Loading :

Extra credits can be bought using Gcash or tru a Credit card

The 499PHP is a better option of you use lots of calls and SMS, if data only, the 299PHP is already good for the common folk.


Credit card or Gcash

payment options


If Globe mobile internet speed in your area is good, its offers is undeniably the best bang for the buck, if your on a dual sim phone, there's no reason to not get it. I just hope they stick to their promise and keep it expiry free forever.