Cherry Mobile VR Review Part 1 : Bluetooth Remote Controller

Post date: Jul 9, 2016 6:13:05 AM

To make the review easier for me, had split the CM VR review into 2 parts, the first one will be the BT Remote Controller, then later on, the VR headset itself.

BT Controller

The BT Remote Controller is generic BT controller powered by 2 AAA batteries. It has two trigger buttons, a ON/OFF switch, an @ Function Select Button (more on that later) and four generic A B C D buttons. Below are the scans of the manual grabbed from the internet. There was no paper manual included at all with the box (at least from what I got, Cherry Mobile should include one in the future releases).


To turn on the BT Controller, insert 2 AAA batteries, and long key press the power button. The blue LED light (located in the small, black circle in the pic above) will blink during the pairing process. You should look the name VR BOX, and select it. Once paired, it will be detected as a generic BT mouse (a mouse cursor will appear on your screen). The bottom trigger button is the tap/select, and the top trigger button is the back/previous. The C / D button becomes Vol Up / Vol Down and the B button becomes back / previous. This mode is useful during presentations (during screen mirroring / MHL output / HDMI output).

The BT Remote Controller has many functions, and we use the @ button to switch. You just need to press / hold the @ button, then press the corresponding functions keys letter of your choice of function.

Mouse Mode

Music / Video Mode

The Game Mode (Function @ key + B) turns the controller into a game pad. Most games that support game pad controllers will automatically work with it without a hitch (tried on R-Type 2 LINK), other games, like emulators will needed to bind the keys first before usage. Using it in gamepad mode would probably cause your hands to hurt a bit, since its ergonomics is wrong (unlike the default / mouse mode, which fits the hand perfectly).

Overall, its a nice BT controller, works well with VR games (tested with End Space VR LINK, requires only one button, tried on default/mouse mode). Since its a China product rebrand, it also available in other sources (CDRKING, for example LINK).