OLX restores much coveted Trader Rating

Post date: Jun 11, 2016 1:41:51 AM

Finally, after the endless request of its users, OLX has given in to its users's demand and re-implemented the Trader Rating, now called the Star Rating. Trading Rating is a very important feature of an Online Selling site, since it promotes buyers confidence and lessen the cases of online scams. OLX's Trader Rating is different than the one they had before. A few years ago, you just need to visit the seller's profile, put the Sulit (OLX's former name) link for the item you have bought, then set the rating (positive or negative) and press OK.

Now, you need to have the OLX app, talk to the seller through Chat, then rate him/her there after the transaction. The rating system is already live in the Android app, but the overall rating is not yet visible (as per FAQ page) :

Trader Rating Android

My hunch is, OLX is starting to feel the slow drop in popularity and relevance that they needed to do something to boost popularity. Re-implementing the Trader Rating is a good step in the right direction.