Pokemon Go is working again in the PH

Post date: Jul 11, 2016 4:01:37 AM

After the long wait (1 week is long for rabid Pokemon fans), Pokemons (lower right corner) / PokeStops (upper middle side) has started to appear again in the PH. It was available before during the soft launch, but was quickly pulled due to the overwhelming popularity (aka, Niantic's [the game developer] servers was DDoSe'd to oblivion).

Let's see how long it will last, since supporting millions of players (if not more) will be a challenge to Niantic. We, the old time Ingress players have experienced it before (Ingress beta days was laggy / full of bugs), and for sure we will experience it again on Pokemon Go. But nevertheless, kudos to Niantic / Nintendo for bringing it worldwide!